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MAX COLSON // HIDE AND SEEK: the Dubious Nature of Plant Life in High Security Spaces by Adam Walker-Smith

Hide and Seek is an extraordinary documentary photography project created by the artist’s paranoid alter-ego, the photojournalist Adam Walker-Smith. Instigated by his discovery of the landscape design programme Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Walker-Smith’s research and photographs dramatically illuminate what he sees as the ‘suspect’ plants of high security urban spaces (so-called for posing as ‘innocent’ decoration whilst actually being hidden parts of the security apparatus).

Uncompromising and provocative, Hide and Seek challenges the viewer to question the nature of the urban environment and the more sinister aspects of security design that might be concealed from them.

Max Colson is a London-born artist working with photographs, text, graphic design and, most recently, his intriguing alter-ego, Adam Walker-Smith. Max’s current work is a playful exploration of how the physical and psychological environment of high security spaces can affect the perspective of their inhabitants. An alumnus of UCL’s English department, he’s also a recent graduate from the London College of Communication, where in late 2012 he completed his MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography with a Distinction.

+44 7 81 78 77 639


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