Christina Vazou //

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CHRISTINA VAZOU // Behind the Scene of the Greek Crisis, September 2009 –November 2012

This album is a record of my family’s life from September 2009 until November 2012, and at the same time, a fleeting reference to the Greek political and financial circumstances.

When my husband expressed his wish to enter the political scene, I was completely against this venture. I believed he should rather devote his time to his family. But on the other hand, as a citizen, I thought that it was very important to have someone like him to represent Greek people in Parliament.

To cope with the situation I began to take pictures of our family’s life, the political scene, the Greek reality. Furthermore, I started taking a photograph of myself every day as I was turning on my laptop. I didn’t try to smile or pretend to be agreeable. I wanted to show the real mood I was in.

The project is not only a photographic story; at the same time it faces broader social, economical, financial and political concerns of Greece. It is a behind the scenes glimpse of the country. In addition, I have written down my feelings, my concerns and my point of view.


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