Lara Ciarabellini //

screen-shot-2013-04-16-at-16-04-57 screen-shot-2013-04-16-at-16-04-39 screen-shot-2013-04-16-at-16-04-10 screen-shot-2013-04-16-at-16-04-18


Somnambulism investigates Yugoslav collective memory throughout the last three decades, from the death of Tito to the war and its aftermath. Through a metaphorical – photographic – sleepwalk through Bosnia-Herzegovina, the project explores the circumstances that build, destroy and rebuild a Nation. The concept unfolds over four ideal chronological stages: Somnambulism representing the suspension of time after the death of Tito; Amnesia during the war; Consciousness…and then And Somnambulism Again as different aspects of the aftermath. The landscape of Bosnia-Herzegovina, with its emblematic and evocative nature, is the subject of the essay, which sets out the web of intertwining layers that are the complex facets of its collective memory.


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